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Hood Cleaning


As a member of the food industry, the kitchen is the heart of your business plan. Absolutely Clean Services keeps your nexus running smoothly and safely with our commercial hood cleaning solution.

A Safe and Sanitary Solution

Think of all the food that moves through your kitchen each day. From a fast-food meal to a four-course spread, the prep takes a toll on your kitchen.

The resulting grease accumulation in your hood – not to mention the extraneous buildup – creates more than an eyesore. It’s a liability.
Each year, nearly 60 percent of commercial kitchen fires are the result of a poorly maintained workplace. We help to prevent you from being one of the 160,000 annual kitchen fires with our hood cleaning solution. Employing the industry’s best equipment, we:

  • Use special cleaners that cut into grease, oil, and other cooking fluids
  • Deep clean to remove buildup and debris
  • Clean every corner of your system, including filters, hood surface areas, and fans


Your Hood Cleaning Experts

We take hood cleaning seriously. Combining hand washing, pressure washing, and detailing, we ensure that your commercial property is keeping fire hazards at bay.

It’s important to think of your hood as a piece of specialized equipment. Whether your kitchen serves a few dozen diners daily or hundreds, our team is here to:

  • Restore the quality and functionality of your hood
  • Preserve its long-term value
  • Mitigate the risk of fires and other damage
  • Ensure complete compliance with health and safety codes

Have the peace of mind that the heart of your home or business is in safe hands. With a commercial hood cleaning solution from Absolutely Clean Services, your kitchen will always be ready for the next order.