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Commercial Window Cleaning in Grand Rapids MI

As the owner or facility manager, you have a lot to do. We know that. That's why we try to make getting your windows cleaned as easy as possible. What can you expect from us? Here are just a few things that we can offer you:

  • One million dollar insurance policy for your peace of mind
  • Reliable service so you don't have to "babysit" your window cleaning company
  • Professional, clean-cut technician(s) so you maintain the right image for your company
  • Quality work. That way you don't have to waste time calling us back to fix things.

What Now?

Give us a call at (616) 608-7586, email us or visit our estimate page to schedule your consultation. It's nearly impossible to give an accurate estimate online for commercial services. But someone will come out and give you a bid within 24 hours. The quicker you contact us the quicker we can make your job a whole lot easier!